Picture of a GEO Chorus PV Generation & Consumption Display

GEO Chorus PV Generation & Consumption Display

Green Energy Optionss logo Part no. VPK-CH-001
Product Code 2500596574

Product Overview


The Chorus PV display will allow homeowners with PV panels to see both generation levels as well as electricity usage � all on one display.

To help make an even more compelling business case to buy solar PV, the Chorus PV supports people in using as much of their generated energy as possible. This is achieved by showing clearly when the best times to switch on appliances are.

The Chorus PV is a full colour, backlit, touch screen display that:
- shows the generation and consumption of electricity in relation to each other in one display
- shows importing and exporting of electricity
- quickly analyse where earnings are coming from � Feed in Tariff, Deeming and Saving
- tracks the generation against the usage to try to match the two � save more by using it rather than exporting to the grid
- tracks your electricity consumption against a target
- supplied with the geo web pack to upload PV data to our web service energynote
- energynote gives overview of generation and consumption from day one
- is easy to install � wireless sensors mean no need to run extra cabling
- works with most generation meters and pulse output electricity meters
- with additional temperature sensors (up to three) can measure a second room, a different floor and outdoor temperature

- the Chorus PV is easy to install and hassle free. It works with most generation meters and pulse output electricity meters (excluding where the electricity meter�s LED pulse output flashes both on import and export) and the wireless sensors supplied mean that no additional wiring is required.

What difference would the Chorus PV make to a solar panel owner?
The Chorus PV educates solar panel owners on how to use their generated electricity most efficiently. Through the web service, energynote, households can look at when they are using electricity and compare it with their generated electricity. The trick is to match the two together, which is where the Chorus PV comes into its own.

Product Features

  • Understand generation and consumption
  • See import/export of electricity
  • At-a-glance analysis of earnings
  • feed-in tariff deeming and saving
  • Track generation