Picture of a Halsted Flat Tank System 1500 Litres Mains Top Up

Halsted Flat Tank System 1500 Litres Mains Top Up

Halsteds logo Part no. PT150H04
Product Code 2500592305

Product Overview


This Flatform Tank System is designed to offer the best harvesting solution for larger property by providing a high capacity system that is easy to install. The tank can be installed in all ground conditions without a concrete base or surround and the shape makes them easy to transport to and around the site. An integrated sump enables the most efficient use of the mains top up on all models except the 7500 litre. The filter is essentially self cleaning and the tank is purpose designed to protect the quality of filtered rainwater during storage. This proven product incorporates the best features of urban rainwater harvesting design and is a practical retrofit to domestic and light commercial property.

Product Features

  • Tank size 1500 litres
  • Integral pump basin to maximises tank capacity
  • High performance 'in-tank' filter and/or optional Frogmouth filter diverter and Lazy Lizard finer second stage filter
  • Submersible pump that automatically delivers rainwater on demand to connected services and shuts-off once water is no longer required
  • Mains top up valve with Intelligent controller and LED display
  • Can be connected to multiple rainwater downpipes
  • Requires single phase power supply