Picture of a GEO Solo I PV Energy Monitor

GEO Solo I PV Energy Monitor

Green Energy Optionss logo Part no. PCK-SO-008
Product Code 2500571994

Product Overview


Solo PV Display

The Solo PV display provides live generation data in kWh, carbon saved and money earned. Our in-home display is full-colour, simple and intuitive and talks directly to your generation meter.

The Solo I PV is a stylish and elegant web-enabled In-Home Display (IHD) which provides real-time information that triggers interest and provides an indication to turn on high-load appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers when >750W is being generated, helping you to make the most of your PV system.

Product Features

  • Easy to install; easy to read
  • View live and comparative historical data
  • LED sensor for pulse output generation meters
  • View generation in kW
  • View money earned from the Feed-In Tariff and CO2 saved
  • Built-in internal temperature sensor