Picture of a SMA Multi-Function Relay Module

SMA Multi-Function Relay Module

SMAs logo Part no. MFR01-10
Product Code 2500567046

Product Overview


SMA Multi-Function Relay Module

You can use the multi-function relay for various purposes:

Fault indication/FltInd
The multi-function relay controls a display device which, depending on the type of connection, either reports an error or the undisturbed operation of the inverter.

The multi-function relay switches loads on or off, depending on the power supply status of the plant.

Control via communication/ComCtl
The multi-function relay switches the loads on and off via a communication product

Battery bank/BatCha
The multi-function relay controls battery charging, depending on the power supply situation of the plant

Fan control/FanCtl
The multi-function relay controls an external fan depending on the temperature of the inverter. If the temperature of the inverter is 5C higher than a specific threshold set in the inverter, the fan starts automatically. If the temperature of the inverter is 10C lower than the threshold, the fan stops automatically.

Switching status grid relay/GriSwCpy
The multi-function relay switches simultaneously with the grid relay of the inverter.

Product Features

  • for use with :
    SB 3000TL-21 SB 3600TL-21 SB 4000TL-21 SB 5000TL-21
    WB 3000TL-21 WB 3600TL-21 WB 4000TL-21 WB 5000TL-21
    SB 2500TLST-21 SB 3000TLST-21 STP 8000TL-10 STP 10000TL-10
    STP12000TL-10 STP 15000TL-10 STP 17000TL-10STP 15000TLHE-10
    STP 20000TLHE-10 STP 15000TLEE-10 STP 20000TLEE-10