Picture of a 1Ph 100A Smart Meter Gsm

1Ph 100A Smart Meter Gsm

Rexel Energy Monitorings logo Part no. RES010011
Product Code 2500566806

Product Overview


Rexel Energy Monitoring modular electricity meters are suitable for the collection of micro-generation metering and fee-in-tariff data where access is limited and manual collection of data is restricted or not cost effective. They transmit data via GSM cellular networks making them suitable for deployment in all locations and without access to additional power and networks.

Modular electricity meters are also perfect for sub-metering applications where designated location or operational requirement may require cross-charging or usage billing. Examples are multi-tenanted residential or commercial buildings.

The meters are fully Measuring Instruments Directive (MID) approved and can be fitted with a variety of communication modules for wireless data transmission. Simple installation and minimal configuration requirements make our AMR meters suitable for use in all locations.

Meter data is stored locally and transmitted at defined intervals and the transmission is optionally network aware improving the reliability of collection.

Metered data is available via the Rexel Energy Monitoring Platform providing a single view for all metered systems and allowing the inclusion of generated power within a total energy management scheme.

The meters have internal GSM antenna, take standard SIM cards and require minimal setup once connected to the supply. An integrated signal strength indicator makes positioning the meter simple and gives assurance that the installation is operational.

Product Features

  • Measure; monitor and manage your energy with a user-friendly; web based portal that will help to reduce your utility costs and carbon footprint.