Picture of a Energy Monitor Base Package Consumer

Energy Monitor Base Package Consumer

Rexel Energy Monitorings logo Part no. RES010001
Product Code 2500566796

Product Overview


This base package includes 1 x Smart Hub, 1 x Transmitter & 1 x 100a CT Clamp.The software is INCLUDED with this pack. The SmartHub has been designed to measure and monitor the power and utility consumption within a building via wireless sensors. Wireless connection allows sensors to be placed anywhere within a building and without the need for access to electrical distribution boards. SmartHub forms a distributed monitoring solution, gathering data from a range of wired and wireless sensors and aggregating and securely transmitting the data to the Rexel Energy Monitoring Platform.

It supports up to 10 sensors covering electrical supply, individual circuits within an electrical distribution board (consumer unit) as well as monitoring gas, oil and water supply meters. Individual Appliance Monitors (IAM) may be connected to measure specific pieces of electrical apparatus.

Connection is fast and simple using an automated process to pair sensors with the SmartHub. Once paired the connection is retained even through power loss or change of location. Wireless connectivity and battery operated devices ensure quick and safe deployment.

The SmartHub is ideal for smaller sites, branch offices or domestic installations or to extend a Power Distribution Monitor to cover remote connections and additional types of sensor.

Despite its simplicity the SmartHub can still measure three phase supplies and local power generation such as photovoltaic systems (PV).

Product Features

  • Measure; monitor and manage your energy with a user-friendly; web based portal that will help to reduce your utility costs and carbon footprint.