Picture of a Wattson Optiplug Wireless Intelligent Socket

Wattson Optiplug Wireless Intelligent Socket

Wattsons logo Part no. OPPG-WHEN-UK
Product Code 2500556983

Product Overview


Optiplug is the intelligent socket that works with Wattson Solar Plus to switch on your appliances when Wattson is glowing green, so you make the most of your home-grown electricity. Optiplug measures how much electricity the appliance plugged into it uses, and when Wattson tells it there is enough surplus energy for the appliance to run for free, Optiplug will switch on. It will switch off as soon as there is not enough free electricity, for example when you turn something else on or when the sun goes down or behind a cloud. How does it work? Optiplug uses Wattson sensors to constantly measure the power being generated by Solar PV and in use in the home. This information is transmitted over RF to the clever Optiplug system. There is a manual override button which allows the appliance to be powered manually. Its built-in intelligence prioritises higher powered appliances first and minimises the amount of switching that takes place when two or more Optiplugs are in use. What can I use it with? Optiplug can be used with any device using electricity that doesnt need to be switched on manually (unlike most washing machines) and doesnt mind being interrupted.