Picture of a Wattson Optimmersion Controller

Wattson Optimmersion Controller

Wattsons logo Part no. OIMM-SDEN-UK
Product Code 2500556982

Product Overview


Optimmersion is a proportional controller that diverts surplus electricity to heat water in the immersion tank. It only uses surplus electricity - electricity that is not being used in the house, so it is effectively giving you free hot water. Free hot water; Your surplus solar power is used to heat water in your existing immersion tank. Save money; Drastically reduce your hot water bills as excess electricity is diverted to the immersion heater. Total control; Ability to change controller settings and monitor your home's electricity activity to view real results. Automatic solution; The intelligent controller gets to works whether or not you are in the house, meaning you automatically get free hot water. Increase efficiency; The range of Energeno products ensure all of your ‹Å“home-grown electricity is used, minimising what you pay your electricity supplier. Maximise return on investment; The display of information shows users how much of their own generated electricity they are using and by how much they are cutting their energy bills. The Optimmersion system ensuring all of this household's generated electricity is used in the house with the surplus diverted to the immersion tank
You can view the real-time status of the above household by clicking on the live data button at the top of this page. Optimmersion is a proportional controller to add to a Solar Power installation. It diverts free electricity to the immersion heater when surplus power is available. Simple to install, it supplies variable power depending on the excess electricity being generated. It automatically harvests surplus electricity and all of it is used to heat water and maintain temperature level. It is installed between the immersion tank element and the mains, no modification to the existing immersion element, hot water cylinder or pipework needed. Optimmersion uses both current transformer and voltage sensors to constantly measure the power being generated by Solar PV and also power in use in the home. The clever Optimmersion system regularly calculates the excess electricity which varies the power to the heating element. The advanced electronics provides a true variable output. Save money on bills and reduce payback time on your Solar PV system as your hot water is essentially free. Works alongside existing Wattson Solar Plus, Wattson Professional and original Wattson systems.

Product Features

  • Diverts surplus energy to heat water
  • Diverts only the surplus energy and no more
  • The bright and attractive colour display also shows you at a glance what you are saving and what you are using.
  • Shows how much power is currently being diverted to the immersion heater.
  • Shows daily total of energy saved
  • Suitable for installation at the same time as the Solar PV system or afterwards
  • Uses existing immersion heater
  • Can control power to any resistive load up to 3kW
  • Simple power monitoring using AC current clamp
  • Automatic low cost electricity boost setting (eg. Economy 7)
  • Manual booster control
  • UK manufactured
  • 3 year product warranty
  • Part of the Wattson eco-system
  • Standalone product for non-Wattson users
  • Can divert energy to more than one heating element
  • Enhanced flexibility with a choice of two product versions to suit your home's wiring set up.
  • In the wireless version; the Wattson transmitter is integrated into the controller.
  • Complies with the following European standards: EN 61326-1; EN 61000-3-2; EN 6100-3-3; EN 60335-1:2012