Picture of a Solarworld 9 Panel Carport, FRAME ONLY

Solarworld 9 Panel Carport, FRAME ONLY

Solarworlds logo Part no. CP/09
Product Code 2500514970

Product Overview


Please note this is for the Solarworld Carport FRAME ONLY. Details below are for which SMA Inverter to use along with your choice of Solarworld modules: Solarworld SW235 - SB2000HF, Solarworld SW245 - SB2000HF, Solarworld SW250 - SB2000HF

Product Features

  • The SunCarport from SolarWorld combines a traditional carport with a high-performance solar energy roof.
  • With the SunCarport; you have a solar power station right in front of your house.
  • *Please note no modules or inverter will be supplied as this is the framing system only.