Picture of a SMA Sunny Boy 2.5KW 1PH Transformerless Inverter

SMA Sunny Boy 2.5KW 1PH Transformerless Inverter

SMAs logo Part no. SB2500TLST-21
Product Code 2500513352

Product Overview


Now also available as an economical specialist for small, simple plants. Just like before. But new. The Sunny Boy TL is now available with only one MPP tracker and in principle offers all the benefits of its multistring brothers 3000TL, 3600TL, 4000TL and 5000TL: with economical operation, advanced technology and convenient operation, the special strengths of the Sunny Boy Single Tracker make it a standout. Not only is it a cost-efficient specialist for small, simple rooftop installations, but thanks to its reactive power capability, it's also the perfect addition to existing systems.