Picture of a Energeno Wattson Solar Plus Wireless Energy Monitor + Easifit Kit

Energeno Wattson Solar Plus Wireless Energy Monitor + Easifit Kit

Wattsons logo Part no. DIYK-WSP1-BASE-UK
Product Code 2500512748

Product Overview


Wattson Solar Plus is the only wireless portable energy monitor showing both electricity generated and used in the home.
Wattson Solar Plus allows you to see how much power you are generating, and how much you are using, on the same portable display.
The display shows the electricity in use in your home at any given time in cost, watts or kg carbon. Choose your preferred display from a selection of pre-set modes, in numbers and/or colours, for better visibility of your daily electricity activity. Wattson Solar Plus alerts you when you are generating more power than you are using by immediately glowing green. Being aware of excess generation allows you to maximise the returns on your PV system by using electricity when you are generating excess.

Wattson Solar Plus
- Measures and displays both energy produced and energy used in your home
- Glows green when you generate more electricity than you use free electricity
- Compatible with all brands of inverters
- Even simpler installation with Easifit, avoiding use of a Henley Block or junction box
- Works with all solar, wind and hydroelectric 230 VAC generation systems.

Product Features

  • Measures and displays energy produced and used
  • Works with 210V-240V 1 Phase
  • Works with 400V-460V 3 Phase
  • + Complete with easyfit for Easy Installation
  • Free electricity
  • Understand energy cost
  • Increase savings