Picture of a Elster 100A Three Phase Smart Meter with Sim Card

Elster 100A Three Phase Smart Meter with Sim Card

Elsters logo Part no. MT375
Product Code 2500497983

Product Overview


MT375 is targeted on deregulated energy markets and enables provision of an AMR service. MT375 is a poly-phase meter intended for use in commercial / industrial and CoP5 applications. MT375 incorporates a fully integrated, GSM/SMS modem. Integrated GSM/SMS modem can be exchanged with integrated RS485 communication interface for multi-site installations. It is a perfect combination of well-proven metering technology and state-of-the-art GSM/SMS communication modem, all integrated and sealed under a single enclosure. The integrated solution attains the same high quality and reliability of Iskraemeco meters. The meter is approved according to IEC 62052-11 and IEC 62053-21, ISO 9001, and designed according to even higher internal Iskraemeco standards, achieved on 60-year experiences of meter manufacuring and 55 million meters on the field installed worldwide.

Product Features

  • Fully integrated GSM/SMS modem
  • AMR on demand and alarm call-backs.CoP5 compatiable
  • 'Fit and go' - simple; fast and easy installation procedure
  • Multi-utility port for water; heat or gas meters reading
  • Active/reactive; multi-rate metering
  • Indication of operational statuses
  • Very high EMC immunity