Picture of a Ubbink Surface Mount ConSole Bin 4.2 Black

Ubbink Surface Mount ConSole Bin 4.2 Black

Ubbinks logo Part no. Console Bin 4.2
Product Code 2500497963

Product Overview


The ConSole is an innovative system, specially designed for mounting solar panels on flat roofs. It works with all common types of panel, and you can also mount frameless panels. This complete system includes the ConSole, aluminium profiles and all mounting materials. Installation is quick and easy: simply mount the profiles on the solar panel, add ballast such as gravel or concrete, and fix the solar panel onto the ConSole. The ConSole is made of recycled, highly durable plastic, 100% chlorine-free and requiring no maintenance. The curves in the design protect the roof from damage. The stackable ConSole is easy to transport and store, weighing only four kilos. The ConSole and its mounting system hold the TV-certificate.