Picture of a Lock Solar Plain Tile Bracket

Lock Solar Plain Tile Bracket

Lock Solars logo Part no. RIB-PLAIN-TILE
Product Code 2500497957

Product Overview


Designed for tile or slate roof applications, the Hooks mount directly to roof rafters and are concealed between tiles to ensure water proofing is unaffected.

L Bracket

The adjustable L Bracket mounts directly to tin roofs and its adaptable height adjustment allows a level PV array to be established no matter how uneven the roof.

Rail Joiner

Multiple rail installations are aligned and firmly locked together, extending the length of an array, using the Rack-in-a-BoxTM Rail Joiner.


Adjustable Clamps
Integrated Cable Management Rail & Twist Lock Cable Tie
Tilt Kit
Large Scale Customised Solutions
Brackets & Rail Joiner
Lock Solar Security Head Screw