Picture of a Sharp 250W Poly Module Silver Frame

Sharp 250W Poly Module Silver Frame

Sharps logo Part no. ND-R250A5
Product Code 2500497954

Product Overview


Innovations from a photovoltaic pioneerAs a solar specialist with more than 50 years of experience in photovoltaics (PV), Sharp makes significant contributions to groundbreaking progress in solar technology. Sharp photovoltaic modules in the ND series are designed for applications with high power requirements. All Sharp ND series modules offer system integration which is optimal both technically andeconomically, and are suitable for installations in on- and offgrid PV systems.Quality from Sharp Con tinual checks guarantee a consistently high level of quality.

Every module undergoes visual, mechanical, and electrical inspection. This is recognisable by means of the original Sharp label, the serial number, and the Sharp guarantee: 10-year product guarantee 25-year linear performance guarantee Minimum 96 % of the specified minimum power output during the first year Maximum 0.667 % annual reduction of the power output for following 24 years

High-performance photovoltaic modules made of polycrystalline (156.5 mm) silicon solar cells with module efficiencies of 15.2%. 3 busbar technology for enhancing the power output. Anti-reflex coating to increase light absorption. Production controlled positive power tolerance from 0 to +5 %. Only modules will be delivered that have the specified power or more for high energy yield. Delivery of modules in 5-watt intervals. Improved temperature coefficient to reduce power losses at higher temperatures. High power performance even at lower irradiations.

Product Features

  • 250W Output Power
  • 15.2% Efficiency
  • 10 Year Product Warrenty
  • Dimensions 1652mm 994mm 46mm
  • Weight 19kg