Picture of a SMA RS485 Interface for SB1200-SB3800

SMA RS485 Interface for SB1200-SB3800

SMAs logo Part no. 485PB-NR
Product Code 2500497831

Product Overview


Allows communication between one or more inverter(s) and PC may be accomplished using an RS485 direct drop-net wire connection. The maximum wire run distance between the converter and the farthest inverter is 1200 meters (4000 feet).

The RS485-Quick Module is provided as an upgrade kit or included in the scope of delivery of the inverter.
The RS485-Quick Module is only suitable for use with SMA inverter of type Sunny Boy 2000HF/2500HF/3000HF. Please also observe the installation guide of the respective inverter. The RS485-Quick Module is equipped with an RS485 interface and a multi-function relay. Via the RS485 interface, you can establish a wired RS485 communication of the above mentioned SMA inverter types.The multi-function relay serves to connect or disconnect a fault indicator or external load, depending on the power availability of the inverter. For the description of the functions of the multi-function relay (as of firmware version 2.10) please refer to the Technical documents

Product Features

  • Supports the following inverter models:
    SB/SWR/WB 700 SB/SWR/WB 1100(E) (LV)
    SB/SWR/WB 1700 (E) SWR 2000 SB 2100TL
    SB/SWR/WB 2500 SB/WB 2800i SB/SWR/WB 3000