Picture of a SMA Bluetooth Repeater/Extender 1GB

SMA Bluetooth Repeater/Extender 1GB

SMAs logo Part no. BTREP-OUT 1GB
Product Code 2500497824

Product Overview


The SMA Bluetooth Repeater is a device which is used in the Bluetooth network when radio gaps are to be closed. Radio gaps can occur when it is not possible at the installation site to place the devices in such a way that they can be linked because they had to be installed too far away from each other. Radio gaps may also occur due to unfavorable ambient conditions which dampen the radio signals too much.

The SMA Bluetooth Repeater is not an amplifier, it has the same transmitting power as any other participant in the Bluetooth network. The SMA Bluetooth Repeater should be positioned half way between the devices with poor radio connection. An inverter can also be used to bridge a radio gap instead of an SMA Bluetooth Repeater if this is a feasible solution within the PV system