Picture of a SMA Sunny Webbox with Ethernet Communicator

SMA Sunny Webbox with Ethernet Communicator

SMAs logo Part no. WEBBOX-ETHNET
Product Code 2500497743

Product Overview


Sunny WebBox with Bluetooth Wireless Technology

- Remote monitoring, diagnosis and configuration of the PV plant
- Data logger for all key plant data
- Rapid detection of operational failures

- Automatic monitoring of up to 50 inverters via SMA Bluetooth
- Fast set-up thanks to Sunny WebBox Assistant and quick reference guide
- Wireless connection to the Sunny SensorBox also possible

- Including free standard access for Sunny Portal for the entire service life of the plant
- Easier data evaluation due to FTP push function � even in CSV format

Rapid set-up, reliable monitoring
No cables needed, simple to configure, extremely user-friendly. That's the Sunny WebBox with Bluetooth. It receives and stores currently measured values and data from PV inverters and Sunny SensorBox devices. Via the international wireless standard Bluetooth standard, this data logger can access up to 50 network nodes. This keeps the operator updated on the status of his PV plant right around the clock. In addition, contractors are able to carry out the parameterization of all SMA inverters using the web interface of the Sunny WebBox. Thanks to the new Sunny WebBox Assistant, commissioning is as simple as pie. And the new web interface displays the yields of each inverter at a glance in day-by-day and history views. Sunny WebBox with Bluetooth - the ideal link to SMA inverters.

Modular system monitoring for commercial PV systems
The Sunny WebBox with Bluetooth continuously records and stores all available measured values from up to 50 inverters. Data transmission takes place via the international wireless standard, Bluetooth. Thus,there is no need for any cable routing which saves installers time and costs. In addition, the inverter parameters can be called up and modified with the Sunny WebBox. Parameters can be adjusted via the web interface of the device from anywhere in the world! The Sunny WebBox with Bluetooth allows contractors and plant operators to be in touch with the status of a PV plant at any time and to detect operational faults at an early stage. Wherever you may be � at home, in the office or away on business: all you need is a PC and an Internet connection in order to access the data of the Sunny WebBox with Bluetooth.

Data management
The Sunny WebBox provides various data processing options for professional data management. The recorded output values, which provide you with detailed information on the performance of your system, are saved in conventional CSV or XML file formats on the Sunny WebBox with Bluetooth. By means of FTP data exchange you can easily transfer these values to your PC. In this way, valuable system data cannot only be saved long-term on your computer, but can also be displayed as desired, e.g. using MS Excel, and evaluated in concise daily, monthly and yearly charts. Moreover, it is possible to send plant data � to an FTP-server of your choice as well as to the Sunny Portal.

Monitoring, presentation and management with Sunny Portal
And the ultimate in convenience is achieved by linking the Sunny WebBox to our free Internet portal. At www.SunnyPortal.com, we provide you with a completely pre-configured environment in which the data can be archived, processed and displayed automatically. If desired, the Sunny Portal will also generate a daily or monthly plant report that you receive by e-mail. And in the unusual event that the Sunny Web-Box with Bluetooth should not transmit any data, the Sunny Portal will also notify you of this. On request, it will automatically compare the yields of all inverters in the system and keep you informed about potential deviations. Another advantage is that the WebBox software can be automatically updated via the portal. This ensures that your system monitoring is always kept up-to-date with the latest technology. Sunny Portal and Sunny WebBox form an unbeatable combination for keeping track of your solar harvest. And through SMA Service, operators and contractors receive support for the entire service life of a plant. So if any failure occurs, our employees can log in to the plant and provide direct troubleshooting support.

Product Features

  • System monitoring; remote diagnosis; data storage and graphic display
    of all the SMA inverters via a web portal
  • Capacity: 50 SMA inverters
  • Inputs: RS485 interface
  • Use: Wall-mounted or table top device
  • (W x H x D): 225 x 130 x 57 mm