Picture of a Disto D8 Leica Laser Measurer Camera + Pythagoras Function

Disto D8 Leica Laser Measurer Camera + Pythagoras Function

Leicas logo Part no. Disto D8
Product Code 2500442757

Product Overview


The Leica DISTO D8 is the perfect PV partner and fast becoming the industries preferred measuring tool. From a safe position on the ground, measure from the top of the roof and then measure to the bottom. In the display, the direct distance between both points is shown - in this case it's the roof length. The roof angle is available at a long press on the function button. (The other displayed result is the height of the roof and the length from the edge of the roof to under the apex internally.) With the same function heights of chimneys can be determined without climbing on the roof. All this data is important to plan a photovoltaic system. The width of the roof can also be measured and using this with the length the area can also be determined. Measuring the length, pitch and width of a roof has never been easier with the help of the Leica DISTO D8.

Product Features

  • No more hiring expensive work platforms
  • No health & safety risks when working at heights
  • Accurate measurements from the safety of the ground
  • Clear digital screen to see where you are measuring to
  • Transfer of all measuring data to drawing software packages; AutoCad and Windows office. Compatible with the download of DISTO transfer App on some Android based mobile phones