Picture of a Leica Tripod Adaptor Vertical+Horizontal Adjustment

Leica Tripod Adaptor Vertical+Horizontal Adjustment

Leicas logo Part no. TA360
Product Code 2500442755

Product Overview


This bracket is designed to fit directly onto the Leica TRI 100 Tripod and offers the perfect solution for Disto users who wish to take advantage of the remote measurement functions in both the horizontal and vertical axis.With the Leica DISTO D8 Leica Geosystems offers the perfect tools for measuring distances both indoors and outside. The TA360 is designed to make best use of their indirect measurement functions offering a new solution to fulfil even the most complicated measuring tasks. You can mount your Disto directly onto the Tilt Head of any tripod however when you move the head in either a vertical or horizontal direction the movement in not pivoted around the back of the Disto but a point elsewhere on the tripod. The result of this is that the Disto is not measuring from one fixed position and you end up with increased errors in your results.