Installing Grid Tied String Inverters

Installing Grid Tied String Inverters

What are Grid Tied String Inverters?

Solar inverters are essential components in the utilisation of solar energy for household appliances. As solar panels generate direct current (DC) which cannot be used by common household items, the energy source requires converting into alternate current (AC), which is completed by an inverter. No solar panel system can fully operate without a solar inverter.  

Grid tied inverters combine more than one inverter in a series, therefore allowing for an increase in voltage without affecting output power. This ensures that more energy can be converted safely and effectively without overpowering any components that are running on the AC. If more energy is produced than can be used, then it is effectively stored in reserve by turning the meter backwards, allowing homeowners to use more energy if output ever requires more than supply. Because of this efficiency, grid tied string inverters are very popular with home and business owners who require cost effective energy solutions.

The three main types of grid tied inverters are micro inverters, string inverters and central inverters. 

Why should I use Grid Tied String Inverters?

Grid Tied String Inverters are the most common inverters used in homes and commercial buildings. Any home or small business owner running a solar PV system is likely to require a grid tied string inverter for their system – as it is the most suitable for small to average sized solar PV systems. More than one string inverter can be used on one solar PV system if necessary, dependent on the size of the system.

When purchasing grid tied string inverters, it’s important to ensure they have a high IP rating. IP refers to the inverter’s Ingress Protection rating. This is based on the inverter’s ability to prevent dust, water and other foreign objects from gaining access to the electrical components within.  The quality and location of the seals and ventilation on the grid tied string inverter will affect its rating and ability to stop weather and objects from damaging the electrical components within. An IP rating of around 60 is considered sufficient protection. 

Grid tied string inverters from industry trusted brands


Though known primarily for its telecommunications products, Huawei is one of the most trusted manufacturers of string inverters, producing innovative and reliable models designed to last. With their highest maximum efficiency of 98.6% and a 25 year warranty, they provide smart, safe solutions for tradespeople looking for grid tied inverters. Their fanless options are also massively popular among consumers as they allow installation into any area within the home without causing noise pollution.  


SMA is another well trusted brand within the solar industry, offering inverters with competitively high yields as well as reliable construction and flexible design. Many SMA grid tied string inverters are compatible with a large number of PV modules, making them the preferred manufacturer among many tradespeople due to their versatile capabilities. 


One of the leading brands within the Solar industry, Trannergy produce string inverters that are as highly reliable and well performing. Their built-in protection includes an IP rating of 65, a wide working temperature range, integrated fan cooling and a warranty of up to 20 years. Their sturdy and reliable construction also ensures a healthy and long lifespan. With simple installation and a convenient after-sales service, Trannergy inverters can be used with confidence and ease by tradesmen of all levels. 


Another popular and trusted brand within the industry is Fronius. Grid tied inverters from Fronius include regulated air cooling, indoor and outdoor installation, a wide ambient temperature range and high permitted humidity percentage. Also, with some of their lightest inverters weighing in at under 25kg, – they are easy to transport and install, even on your own – ideal for installers who work alone. 

Accessories and parts

Common spare parts used with grid tied inverters include:

  • Power management units
  • Additional fans
  • Spare handles
  • Overvoltage protectors
  • USB adaptors
  • Data cables
Spare parts and accessories can be used to alter or repair string inverters where necessary, and are essential for all tradespeople who frequently install inverters.

If you’re looking for high quality string inverters for your customers, then explore our full range today.