Commercial LED lighting for your business

Commercial LED lighting for your business

Lighting solutions for commercial buildings, offices, retail outlets and warehouses

There’s no denying that the city skyline at night is a thing of beauty. But when you look deeper and discover countless empty buildings with lights on, the thoughts turn to missed energy efficient opportunities. Leaving lights on in empty buildings is just one of many areas you could look to improve upon your efficiency not to mention see on your balance sheet.

Smarter lighting solutions save you money!

LED lighting is increasingly installed in warehouses and commercial facilities as part of energy retrofit projects – above all else it makes commercial sense. Once thought to be too costly for commercial buildings, energy efficiency lighting retrofits can produce significant savings for commercial building owners with little upfront costs.
Our experts at Rexel can help you choose the best lighting solution for your business and our quality assured installers can even fit it for you. Rexel have worked on numerous lighting projects in the past that can be viewed in our case study library.

Lighting tips for your business

  • Instead of leaving lights on all night, fit motion sensors
  • Fit time switch and daylight and occupancy sensors to your lights
  • Swap incandescent lamps for LED lamps

What can lighting do for my business?

  • Save you money on your energy bills 
  • Getting your lighting right can help your staff to be more comfortable and productive
  • Provide you with the ability to track and manage the system through software – read more about Rexel’s Energy Monitoring system

Lighting energy savings calculator

Looking into lighting for your business - try our lamp cost calculator - and see how much you could save by switching to LED lighting today.