LED Lighting for your home

LED Lighting for your home

Home and small office LED fitting

The availability of domestic LED lighting solutions is increasing at a phenomenal rate. Unlike a conventional incandescent lamp that scatters (mostly heat and some) light in all directions, an LED emits a very bright, pure light that is highly directional. This makes them absolutely ideal as replacement spot lights, particularly for replacing halogen lights that are generally seen throughout the home these days, wasting heat and money in equal measure.

LED lamps also remain cool to the touch, making them far safer than extremely hot halogen bulbs that can present a serious fire risk in some situations.

Residential Indoor LED light fittings

Although spot lights are commonly used as down lighters in a domestic setting, they are also perfectly for display lighting, but can be difficult to install in some areas due to the very high temperatures associated with conventional incandescent spot lights.
LED spot lights are ideal for illuminating display shelving, installing underneath shelves and kitchen units, and lighting the insides of cabinets and even wardrobes and due to their low level heat, can be placed next to delicate surfaces without the risk of harm due to heat.
Another area where you might consider using LED lights is mood lighting. This is an area that home LED lighting really opens up since many of the effects achievable with LED lighting are simply not possible using existing lighting technology. Go one step further and control mood lighting with your mobile phone/tablet with the Rexel Energy Monitoring system. You can install LED mood lighting anywhere you like.

LED kitchen lighting

They say the kitchen is the heart of the home so it goes without saying not only the design should be functional but the lighting as well. Bright high quality LED lighting is a must. The correct lighting will highlight the features of your kitchen and provide a bright space in which to work in.

Residential outdoor LED light fittings

LED garden and exterior lighting is a great way to illuminate your garden, driveway, ground or walkway discreetly, not to mention being cost effective and with colour provides a focal interest to your outdoor space. The low-heat, low-energy LED lights make them safe and easy to install.

LED lamp energy savings calculator

Installing LED replacement lamps throughout your home should be seen as an investment as well as an opportunity to introduce new, innovative and cost-efficient lighting ideas into your home. Try our lamp cost calculator and see how much you could save by switching to LED lighting today.