Rexel Energy Monitoring system

Rexel Energy Solutions is dedicated to saving you money through energy efficiency.

To help you understand where you are consuming your energy we have created the Rexel Energy Monitoring product.

Rexel Energy Monitoring system

Benefits of Monitoring

  • Allows you to accurately evaluate the energy efficiency of your home, office or retail environment
  • There is no limit to the number of appliances or equipment that can be measured
  • Installation is quick and easy, with measurement of energy consumption immediately activated
  • The information is displayed through an easy to use web portal
  • Energy consumption is provided in real-time to show energy consumption as it is being used
  • The Web portal is available across various platforms to fit in with your lifestyle and working environment
  • Using internet connectivity, the web portal can be accessed from your home or workplace using a PC, Mac or laptop
  • With current mobile technology, the web portal can be accessed on the move via your smart phone or tablet
  • Data is processed and displayed in a user-friendly format, providing up to the minute information of your consumption from a daily, weekly, monthly and historical basis.
  • Managing your utilities consumption through the web portal increases your awareness of the energy you are using on a daily basis
  • Email alerts can be set up through the portal to send messages when appliances use more than a defined amount of power or go off unexpectedly
  • By managing your overall energy consumption you will be lowering your carbon footprint, saving you money and helping the environment.
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Web Energy Monitoring

What Can I Measure

Power Use 
We have seen household and business energy consumption increase year on year. Rexel Energy Monitoring provides real-time data on your overall energy use and the cost of this consumption using charts that map the data daily, weekly, monthly and on a historical basis.

Solar Generation
If you have solar panels installed then Rexel Energy Monitoring will show you how much energy is being generated. This information will allow you to understand when the best time is to switch on appliances to get the maximum benefit of the power you are generating.
Water Use
As water companies are now transferring to water meters, we can provide accurate readings of water consumption and the cost of water used within your home or office. This enables better management and aids water saving exercises that need to be carried out, including leak detection.
Rexel Energy Monitoring can be used to determine exactly how efficiently appliances are running and also highlight the hidden electrical usage a product may have whilst on standby. Showing cost against usage, the portal will highlight any increases or decreases associated with the appliances selected.
In the current climate it is important that households and businesses monitor and mange the cost of their utilities. Rexel Energy Monitoring monitors the cost of all utilities enabled, so you can effectively manage and reduce monthly outgoings by measuring and monitoring your utility use.
Carbon Footprint
Rexel Energy Monitoring looks at the combined use of your utilities and measures your carbon footprint. Whether it be a household or business environment, having real-time updates on the carbon footprint you are creating will have an impact on how you continue to live your life and conduct your business.
What Do I Need
To help you select product you can download our calculator tool here. It is a simple excel spreadsheet that asks you some basic questions about your electrical system. It then creates a basket of materials which you then can order from our online store.
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