Solar Battery Storage


What is Solar Battery Storage?

Battery storage is designed to store solar energy so that it can self-generate power, reducing the constant reliance on solar energy and creating a more efficient energy source. Home battery storage has the potential to increase self-consumption from 20% to as much as 70%, greatly improving the effectiveness of solar energy. By storing any extra energy that isn’t immediately consumed, Solar PV battery storage can continue to optimise itself and make your home much more energy efficient, and less reliant on grid energy.

How does Solar Battery Storage actually work?

Battery storage is designed to effectively provide your home or small business with energy 24-hours a day, no matter what the weather. See our diagram below to see how it all works. 

1. Generated solar energy
2. Self-consumption
3. Storage in batteries
4. Self-consumption from batteries
5. Energy management
6. Emergency power supply
7. Feed into the grid/energy supply from the grid
8. Online monitoring

So, whether the sun’s gone in or the grid goes down, using a battery storage system will always ensure that you have accessible energy.

Why should I use Solar Battery Storage?

Aside from the positive environmental factors, using home battery storage in the UK has an array of benefits for property owners:

  • Increase your self-consumption up to 70%
  • Save money on energy bills through utilising more solar energy
  • Avoid potential rises in energy prices by becoming independent from the grid
  • Any additional energy accrued once your battery reaches 100% is fed directly to the grid – earning you money
  • Reliable even without sunny conditions
Ideal for any home or small business, using battery storage for solar consumption is the ideal way to get the most out of your Solar PV system. Easy to install with current PV Systems, battery storage systems make Solar PV within the home even more rewarding. With upcoming changes proposing a cut to the feed-in-tariff rates by as much as 87%, using more efficient Solar PV solutions is becoming increasingly popular among many home and business owners.