Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is "using less energy to provide the same service"

With energy bills always a daunting prospect, devices designed with saving electricity in mind are always welcome. At Rexel Energy Solutions, we stock a variety of electricity saving devices that will help you save money on your bills.
We stock a range of voltage optimization units which are perfect devices when it comes to saving electricity.

Energy Efficiency Program

Energy is one of the largest controllable costs in most organisations; however without help it can be very hard to see your hidden energy costs and take control of them.

Rexel employs highly trained energy assessors that can assist your business to cut energy use, costs and carbon emissions.
Our energy efficiency program has saved companies between 10-20% using a combination of NO and LOW cost actions which pay for themselves immediately or within a few months.
Rexel will install a Metering, Monitoring and Targeting solution into each of your sites. After the first month of monitoring a Rexel Energy Assessor will analyse your organisations energy use and where appropriate compare to similar organisations/sector benchmarks.
Our energy consultant will have a meeting with an assigned person within your business to develop an energy strategy and assist in staff awareness and behavioural training. At this stage your assigned person will be given access to the energy monitoring platform to assist in achieving the goals outlined in the strategy.
Rexel will continue to analyse the data on a monthly basis for a full year and our energy consultant will issue a monthly report giving analysis on behaviour changes you can make as well as asset improvements. We will also report on the success of any campaign.
Based on the data we gather Rexel will create a report of energy saving measures which will give you the estimated savings, budget costs and payback periods for implementing the measure. We will also give advice as to whether the measure may be suitable to receive energy efficiency loans or Enhanced Capital Allowance tax relief.
After the first year for a small software license the Metering, Monitoring and Targeting equipment will be left on your site for you to continue to use and assist to drive your energy efficiency program.
To discuss the program in more detail give us a call and chat to one of our energy advisors on 0208 596 7483.