Solar Photovoltaic case studies


Solar Photovoltaic case studies

Rexel Energy Solutions has a wealth of experience in Solar Photovoltaic (Solar PV) installations. Take a look at a series of Solar PV case studies.


Cheam homeowners cut energy bills

The McCue family had lived in their Cheam home for 8 years and were making energy efficiency improvements to become more environmentally friendly and reduce their energy bills. They had researched the benefits of PV solar, seeking views of neighbours with solar, and using Rexel’s Energeasy Solar website to help them make the decision whether to invest.

Dorset homeowner enjoys guaranteed PV performance

Mr Bird located the Rexel Energeasy website, and entered his details which generated a link to 3 local approved Rexel Energeasy installers, one of which was Allen Electrical, and they quickly responded to Mr Bird’s enquiry.

Nayland School | Suffolk

Green Energy Nayland, an Industrial & Provident Society, was seeking a means by which a renewable energy generation system could be installed within the Nayland area for the benefit of the community. In conjunction with Rexel Energy Solutions, an opportunity to install a PV system on the roof of Nayland Primary School was identified. 

Council Housing | Orkney Islands

Orkney Islands Council were planning to install PV on multiple domestic dwellings, scattered across the Orkney Islands. With 63 houses requiring 3-4kW systems, it would be impractical to send individual kits to each site. The proximity of the houses to the sea also meant that the PV modules would be exposed to harsh conditions, with no protection from the elements. 

Sussex County Football Association | West Sussex

As part of its ongoing commitment to the PGA, Rexel offered the services of its dedicated Energy Team to assist with Sussex County Football Association target carbon reduction programme. A complete energy-efficiency solution was required, involving PV solar, lighting and metering and building controls.