Jerry Hamilton

Jerry Hamilton - Rexel Energy Solutions - Director of renewables & energy solutions

After serving an apprenticeship in mechanical engineering, and with a background in building management systems, Jerry Hamilton embarked on a career in the distribution sector which in latter years has developed within the Rexel Energy Solutions Division, part of the global Rexel Group.

Now holding the position of director of renewables & energy solutions for Rexel UK, he has established a specialist Renewable Energy Team to support and develop the renewables market, and via various training programmes, has engaged electrical contractors in PV solar and other renewable technologies, to open up business growth opportunities to them. Heading a team that provides ongoing technical support, system design, and project management, his new wider remit includes acceleration of the uptake of energy solutions in Rexel’s other northern Europe locations.

Networking Fuels Business Growth

With Solar Energy UK (SEUK) taking place this month, Jerry Hamilton, business development director of Renewables & Energy Solutions at Rexel UK explains how to harness the power of networking and fuel business growth...(read more)

Why we can’t afford to remain in the dark on LED

Amid a maturing solar PV market, there has never been a better time for the solar contractor to diversify and take a more holistic approach to their customer’s energy needs. And with LED technology offering one of the simplest and most effective ways to reduce energy consumption, it is an area which we can ill afford to overlook. Here, Rexel’s Jerry Hamilton sheds some light... (read more)

Rexel concurs that a ‘smooth’ transition’ is key if the UK is to achieve subsidy FREE Solar

According to a new report just launched by the Renewable Energy Association (REA) and Big Four auditors KPMG, solar PV could be the first renewable technology to achieve ‘grid parity’ whereby it will produce electricity for the same cost to ratepayers as that on the general grid...(read more)

Solar – The key ingredient in the mix

There is much talk around an impending energy crisis in the UK with power station closures and alternative energy sources replacing them at too slow a rate, and it is interesting to see that the role that solar will play in bridging the gap is becoming increasingly important. Predictions are that Europe will build ... (read more)

On the Edge of a Solar Revelation

With energy rises at an all-time high and the fuel poverty issue escalating, consumers are becoming increasingly savvier to the benefits of investing in sustainable products – with solar power being central to this. Here, Jerry Hamilton considers how the results of a recent market survey indicate consumer confidence in the solar technology and the birth of the UK’s solar revolution... (read more)

PV solar fires are in the news – time to say ‘no’ to inferior products in the UK

From time to time we all find that we repeat ourselves, but on this occasion I am making no apology, as yet again, a PV fire has hit the national news headlines. This time at council offices with no reported injuries, but next time it could be at a school or other public buildings or homes putting lives in danger, and we cannot as an industry ignore the ticking time-bomb of sub-standard products in our supply chain... (read more)

Removal of barriers for commercial roof owners

New permitted development rights announced by DECC today will prompt a surge of interest in commercial rooftop sites for PV. Surveying the urban landscape from one of our office windows recently, it was pretty obvious that there are still a huge number of businesses that could unlock the huge PV potential of their roofs, and with many obstacles now removed, PV generation will become a reality ...(read more)

Can we afford to fit and forget PV?

The maturing PV market is revealing hazards that not only affect the ongoing performance of PV systems but also safety risks arising from weathering, poor installation, sub-standard product and poor maintenance levels. It is only now that end-users are discovering that they are perhaps getting what they paid for... (read more)

Is the solar industry doing enough to engage with the general public?

Just before the end of last year Rexel conducted some research to determine the public’s attitude towards solar. The results proved pretty alarming. The most worrying statistic? 61% of those we asked had no idea what feed-in tariffs were. The results of the survey paint a pretty demoralising picture. Clearly, the solar industry is not doing a very good job of communicating the benefits of solar to the wider UK public... (read more)

Where there’s muck there’s (less) brass?

Cleaning solar panels has been the subject of some debate, with some questioning the necessity for maintaining cleanliness by professional means. I freely admit that until recently, I shared the common misconception that panels are ‘self-cleaning’ but there is compelling evidence that the performance of your array, and therefore your income and energy savings will be seriously compromised if this element of maintenance is overlooked... (read more)

‘Broad brush’ government regulations slowing the pace of commercial solar deployment

Jerry Hamilton argues that the government’s increased focus on PV installs with onsite consumption will require a policy review to help remove barriers. As funding for multiple field solar farms continues to be scaled down, the focus is now on generating electricity where it will be used...(read more) 

Cut Solar PV costs at your peril

The net is closing on those bypassing anti-dumping regulations knowingly or otherwise – buyers beware, warns Jerry Hamilton. The apparent absence of action on behalf of authorities to bring anti-dumping tax evaders to account, has resulted in a false sense of security and some quarters are finding temptation hard to resist with an ever-increasing number of opportunities to ‘swerve’ the regulations...(read more) 

Voltage optimisation: proving its worth

Jerry Hamilton looks at voltage optimisation technology – explaining exactly what it does and the role it can play in helping reduce energy usage
Voltage optimisation (VO) is a technology that is often viewed with a healthy dose of scepticism by the solar industry – but is its chequered reputation justified?...(read more

The Installer of the Future

Jerry Hamilton looks at the evolving role of the solar PV installer; moving from selling solar-generated electricity to becoming smart contractors


As a solar installer, your role requires significant investment both financially and in terms of time.

In an increasingly competitive market, it is becoming harder to find and engage with potential customers. The average installer has to find ways ...(read more)