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Guide to understanding Renewable Energy with Rexel Energy Solutions

Guide to understanding Renewable Energy with Rexel Energy Solutions

Energy Efficiency

With energy bills always a daunting prospect, devices designed with saving electricity in mind are always welcome. At Rexel Energy Solutions, we stock a variety of electricity saving devices that will help you save money on your bills. We stock a range of voltage optimization units which are perfect devices when it comes to saving electricity... READ MORE

Electric Vehicle Charging

Rexel Energy Solutions are experts in the electric vehicle chargin market and have a solution for any kind of application or car. The rate at which the plug-in vehicle market develops in the UK will be determined by a range of factors, such as consumer acceptance and oil prices, which are difficult to predict. Independent forecasts suggest that hundreds of thousands of plug-in vehicles could be on the road by 2020 and we need to be equipped to deal with this; but we also need to be ready to accommodate an even more rapid rate of growth should this occur... READ MORE

LED Lighting

The Rexel Energy Solutions Light Sources Team is able to provide an on-site service that will provide you with a detailed energy survey using our unique Cost of Ownership model. This instant calculation will demonstrate the potential cost and energy-savings to be made, drawing a comparison between the existing lamps used, and propose products. Recommendations and technical advice can be provided for your end-user to enable them to make an informed decision, and to give them a clear idea of how their energy-saving targets can be met, and in what timescale... READ MORE

Renewable Heating Incentive

Renewable heating is an application of renewable energy. It refers to the renewable generation of heat, e.g. by replacing a fossil fuel boiler and instead using an option such as solar thermal, biomass boilers, air source heat pumps and ground source heat pumps or geothermal to feed thermal emitters or radiators. Renewable heating options can also be used to heat and store water in hot water cylinders, also known as thermal stores... READ MORE

Solar Photovoltaic - Solar PV

Solar photovoltaic - or simply Solar PV - is a renewable energy source which uses photovoltaic (PV) cells in modules (commonly referred to as panels) to convert sunlight into DC electricity. This is then converted into useable AC by an inverter. By using our PV Kit Builder, we can help you design your domestic system with everything from the Solar PV modules to the fixing systems and inverters. For large scale commercial and industrial installations, contact us about our Power Performance Packages... READ MORE