Easy finance = more selling opportunities

Financing solutions for installers

Get an extra competitive edge with financial solutions 

More Selling Opportunities

No more Financial hurdles
Thanks to your Financial Solutions, you will be able to quote any kind of project and you will not be dependent on customers’ budget constraints. Creative financial products let you help your customers get the equipment they need, when they need it. Once financial hurdles are overcome, the sales process will accelerate significantly. Besides, equipment financing helps your customers acquire more equipment and therefore help them achieve their energy project ambitions sooner.

Lock Out Competition

Create differentiation with a one-stop-shop concept
By working with Rexel you offer your customer genuine turnkey solutions. Adding financing solutions to your value proposition and being capable to propose a global package will give you a significant competitive edge, making your competitors look way less innovative. Financing puts you in the role of solution provider and as a problem solver, deepening your long-term relationship with your customer. Instead of fighting on prices, you differentiate through services.

Higher Sales, Increased Return

The perfect answer to price objections
Offering a financial solution early in the sales process lets you break down costs into periodic payments, making the initial investment less daunting. This reduces price objections, as there is less focus on the equipment costs. Besides, it allows you to sell additional equipment and opens the door to selling higher quality solutions. As your customer can use the financial benefits from the new energy projects towards the finance costs, no product is too expensive.

Easy Process, Dedicated Support

Finance made simple
The process is quick and easy: only one application form and one finance contract to be signed by your customer. Most credit applications can be answered within 72 hours by our partner DLL, and thanks to a wide range of financial products available, they will be able to design the solution that best fits your customer needs. Besides, there is no need for extensive financial knowledge, as DLL finance experts will provide support along the process.

Improved Cash Flow

Fast and secured payments
You enjoy payment on acceptance of the energy project by your customer, helping you improve your cash flow. You will get paid by our finance partner within 48 hours, reducing the risk of bad debt and late payment or time wasted on chasing invoices. Essentially, Rexel becomes your cash customer.

Financial Solutions give your business a new dimension!