Take advantage of latest technologies today

Financing solutions for end users

Rexel makes energy solutions immediately accessible, without constraints.

No Budget Constraint

All technologies become accessible, right now
Financing makes your investment decision much easier: you do not need to have the capital available upfront or have the investment planned in advance. No heavy budgeting process: you need the new technology today, you can get it today! And there are no limits to your needs: all the latest and most efficient technologies can become affordable if you use  Financial Solutions via Rexel financial partner You are no longer limited by your current budget – the cost is no longer an issue, only the expected benefits matter! 

Investment Immediately Beneficial

Make finance payments from the energy savings generated
You will take advantage of all the financial benefits generated from  your new energy project. Your energy savings can be used to offset the finance costs associated with your investment in the new technology. And once the finance is fully repaid, you will enjoy 100% of all advantages (e.g. reduced energy bills, government incentives, etc.) for your own benefit.

Peace of Mind

Fixed finance repayments and other credit lines preserved
You face no interest rate fluctuations thanks to fixed finance repayment terms based on today’s historically low interest rates. Easy budgeting as you avoid the risk and unpredictability of the future. Besides, financing is brought by the chosen finance partner DLL, thus preserving your bank credit lines. Other capital resources remain intact and accessible to subsidize growth or meet your operational needs. You can invest today without putting your future investment capabilities at risk.

Financing made Simple

Easy process, dedicated support
With Rexel, you enjoy all the benefit of a real “One-Stop-Shop”: technical advice, supply chain excellence and the convenience of an affordable finance in one clear package. With our quick-and-easy credit application and documentation process, you can accelerate the purchase with your local Rexel contact in a few easy steps. Most of the finance applications can be answered within 72 hours. Should your project require specific attention, our finance partner will be here to support you throughout the process.


Financial Solutions designed to meet all your energy project ambitions
With financing you can take advantage of a wider range of equipment. Choose the equipment that best fits your needs and your financial solutions can be tailored to fit all the project features, including installation costs. Options include flexible payment terms up to 72 months and you can add more equipment on finance to suit your future needs. Should you have any  specific requirements, through our approved installers & Finance partner DLL, they can help you choose the most relevant financial product.