SolarEdge power optimisers


SolarEdge provides an intelligent inverter solution that has changed the way power is harvested and managed in PV systems

The SolarEdge DC optimised inverter system maximises power generation at the individual module-level while lowering the cost of energy produced by the PV system. 

The SolarEdge system consists of power optimisers, inverters and a cloud-based monitoring platform and addresses a broad range of solar market segments, from domestic to commercial and small utility-scale solar installations.

Maximum Roof Utilisation

SolarEdge allows for a wide variety of string lengths from a minimum of 6 modules—up to a maximum of 5,250 watts— with no requirement for matching string lengths. The size and layout of an array is no longer defined by electrical constraints. Shaded modules do not bring down the entire string performance, and module size, bin, and type can be mixed in any orientation or tilt. 

Maximum Self-Consumption

SolarEdge is offering a wide range of self-consumption solutions including consumption monitoring and feed-in limitation, all included in the SolarEdge inverter and require only an addition of electricity meter.

Maximum Safety and Reliability

Power Optimisers and DC cables drop to 1V DC if the inverter is off, providing protection to installers, maintenance personnel, firefighters, and property. 

SolarEdge carries best in class warranties: 25 years for optimisers and 12 years for inverters. Including the extended inverter warranty in the sales price to a homeowner allows the entire system to be warrantied for up to 25 years.

Introduction to the Benefits of SolarEdge

Technology Overview