Bosch Inverters


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In the field of technical competence and innovative capacity, Bosch stands for forward-looking, long-term solutions in accordance with our slogan – technology for life. With optimum use of alternative energy sources, Bosch can also offer efficient networking solutions with their inverters and associated accessories. True to the Bosch brand guarantee and commitment to service, they are a reliable partner for our customers.

Integrating solar energy into the smart homes of tomorrow

Alternative energies are produced with the future in mind. Sustainability, environmental protection and self-sufficiency in energy play increasingly important roles. With Bosch's worldwide one-of-a-kind inverter, the heart of your solar energy system, Bosch already offers technical solutions for the efficient use of solar energy. The Bosch inverter is future-ready with its intelligent design and is a key component of the energy revolution. 

Thanks to Bosch expertise in the area of domestic appliances, thermal solutions and electromobility, the trend in development is moving towards the smart home: Intelligent networking of different energy sources and thermal storage systems, optimum use of independently generated power and energy-efficient use of domestic appliances. These will reduce your energy costs and provide sustainable environmental protection. 

The New String Inverters from Bosch